Prosper Rek

Prosper Rek was born in London and living in Spain for a few years. After living in Ibiza for a while, he became the resident DJ at The Blue Marlin. But there is not a place in the world where he finds more musical encouragement than the Dutch capital Amsterdam.

Prosper’s vision on electronic music has been shaped into a style that can be described as emotive and energetic. In his opinion the right set of emotions can be triggered by many facets in music but melodies play a very important role in his music selection. During DJ sets he is always trying to take you onto a journey where boundries don’t exist and where lines are drawn outside of the box.

“Im feeling blessed to be able to express my taste in electronic music and to see people enjoying it with me”.

Over the past few years he’s been focusing more on producing, with his latest releases on Manual Music and Vektor Music gaining support from some of the best artists at this moment crossing his musical palette. More music coming soon!